Oral Diagnosis, Oral Medicine And Treatment Planning, 2E(Special Indian Edition)

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This book continues to be an excellent resource for the student to learn to recognize the clinical presentations of common oral lesions and their management. One deficiency of any textbook is the lack of color in the illustrations in the standard black and white format. A unique feature of this second edition is the fact that it may be used in conjunction with the text entitled A Color Atlas of Common Oral Lesions from the same publisher and authors. The color atlas is organized in a manner similar to the pertinent section of this text in order to illustrate the oral lesions in full color. This availability of a companion color atlas by the same publisher and authors offers the student a unique opportunity for enhanced learning. This text is primarily for use by the undergraduate dental student there are many dentists and dental hygenists who will benefit from this book. For the practicing dentist the didactic information contained within these pages should serve as an important review especially in the areas of the pathophysiology of the diseases of the major medical systems and the recognition of common and oral lesions. There are also many who are interested in hospital dental practice the management of medically compromised patients and the practice of geriatric dentistry. Since these specific areas of dental practice require an in depth understanding of a patients medical problems and the various medications being taken by them this text should serve as an excellent resource to such practitioners.

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