MECE-004 Financial Institutions and Markets

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Title                : MECE-004 Financial Institutions and Markets

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Publisher       : Neeraj

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Edition          : 2017



MECE-004 Financial Institutions and Markets (IGNOU Help Book)

This book , which aims to address the preparatory requirements of students doing their Masters Degree in Economics from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, has been published as as part of our IGNOU Project. Titled “Financial Institutions and Markets’, the book covers one paper, i.e. MECE-004 in IGNOU’S M.A. (2nsd Year) syllabus for Economics. Financial Institutions and Markets in itself is a very wide topic. Writing on it in a very concised precised manner is a remarkable achievement for anybody. The book, “Financial Institutions and Markets” consist twenty chapters and each chapter has well-narrated the specific areas required in it. The answer are written in a very lucid manner. The contents of the answer is analysed in such a manner that it makes it different from the currently available books on this topic. Approximately 10 previous semesters term end examinations solved questions are inculcated. It will help the students to understand the subject theoretically as well as practically.

At the outset of every section, there is an introduction presenting in a nutshell the crux and essence of its different units. Various topics and issues have been taken up to make the readers develop a thorough and insightful understanding of the subject. The comprehensive and elaborate purview of treatement and presentation of the subject aims to expand the frontiers of its utility making it relevant not only the purpose of taking IGNOU class tests but also for several top-notch competetive examinations. These include examinations conducted by UPSC, UGC and vaious state-level PCS besides many others that offer high profile job openings and carrier-building oppurtunities for the deserving pool of aspirants. Apart from them , the book also holds great relevance for students enrolled for the Master and Bachelor Degree Programmes(specially Economics) with enumerous other educational institution spread across the countries.

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