MEC-004 Economics of Growth And Development


Title                : MEC-004 Economics of Growth & Development

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MEC-004 Economics of Growth And Development

This book, which aims to address the preparatory requirements of students doing their Masters in Economics from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, has been published as part of our IGNOU project.

MEC- 004 Economics of Growth and Development CONTENTS COVERED Block- 1 Economic Growth Models-I Unit-1 Introduction to Economic Growth Unit-2 Harrod-Domar Growth Model Unit-3 The Neo-Classical Growth Model Block- 2 Economic Growth Models-II Unit-4 Growth and distribution Unit-5 Total Factor Productivity and Growth accounting Unit-6 Technical Change and Progress Block- 3 Economic Growth Models-III Unit-7 Models of Optimal Economic Growth Unit-8 Multi-sector Models of Growth Unit-9 Endogenous Growth Models Unit-10 Stochastic Growth Models Block- 4 Social and Institutional Aspects of Development Unit-11 Development and Underdevelopment Unit-12 Measurement and indicators of economic Development Unit-13 Population and Development Unit-14 Institutions and Economic Development Unit-15 Market Incompleteness and Informal Institutions in the Rural Economy Block- 5 Theories of Development Unit-16 Classical Theories of Development Unit-17 Schumpeter and Capitalistic Development Unit-18 Theories of Underdevelopment Block- 6 Development Strategies Unit-19 Allocation of Resources and Growth Strategies in Developing Countries Unit-20 Cost Benefit Analysis Unit-21 Role of Planning Unit-22 International Trade and Development QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper – June 2011 2. Solution Paper – Dec 2011 3. Solution Paper – June 2012 4. Solution Paper – Dec 2012 5. Solution Paper – June 2013 6. Question Paper – Dec 2013 7. Question Paper – June 2014 8. Question Paper – Dec 2014 9. Question Paper – June 2015 11. Solution Paper – June 2016

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