MEC-003 Quantitative Methods


Title                : MEC-003 QUANTITATIVE METHODS

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MEC-003 Quantitative Methods (Ignou Help Book)

This book, which aims to address the preparatory requirements of students doing their Masters in Economics from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, has been published as part of our IGNOU project.

MEC-003 Quantitative Methods CONTENTS COVERED Block- 1 Introduction to Differential Calculus Unit-1 Functions, Limit and Continuity Unit-2 Derivatives Unit-3 Partial Differentiation Block- 2 Extreme Values and Optimisation Unit-4 Maxima and Minima Unit-5 Unconstrained Optimisation Unit-6 Constrained Optimisation Block- 3 Integral Calculus and Economic Dynamics Unit-7 Integration and Applications in Economic Dynamics Unit-8 Difference Equations and Applications in Economic Dynamics Block- 4 Linear Algebra and Economics Application Unit-9 Vectors analysis Unit-10 Linear Algebra Unit-11 Input-Output Analysis Unit-12 Linear Programming Block-5 Statistical Methods-I Unit-13 Data Presentation and Descriptive Statistics Unit-14 Correlation and Regression Analysis Unit-15 Probability Distribution Unit-16 Probability Theory Block-6 Statistical Methods-II Unit-17 Sampling Theory Unit-18 Sampling Distribution Unit-19 Statistical Inferences QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper – Dec 2010 2. Solution Paper – June 2011 3. Solution Paper – Dec 2011 4. Solution Paper – June 2012 5. Solution Paper – Dec 2012 6. Question Paper – June 2013 7. Question Paper – Dec 2013 8. Question Paper – June 2014 9. Question Paper – Dec 2014 10. Question Paper – June 2015


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