MEC-002 Macroeconomic Analysis


Title                : MEC-002 Macroeconomic Analysis

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MEC-002 Macroeconomic Analysis (Ignou Help Book)

This book, which aims to address the preparatory requirements of students doing their Masters in Economies from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, has been published as part of our IGNOU project.

MEC-002 Macroeconomic ANALYSIS CONTENTS COVERED Block-1 Traditional Approaches to Macroeconomics Unit-1 Classical and Keynesian Approaches Unit-2 Neoclassical Synthesis Block-2 Economic Growth Unit-3 The Solow Model Unit-4 Endogeneous Growth Model Block-3 Rational Expectations Unit-5 Relational Expectations and Economic Theory Unit-6 Policy-Making under Uncertainty Block-4 Inter-temporal Decision-Making Unit-7 Consumption and Asset Price Unit-8 The Ramsey Model Unit-9 The Overlapping Generations Model Unit-10 Money and the Role of Monetary Policy Block-5 Economic Fluctuations Unit-11 Traditional Theories of Business Cycles Unit-12 Real Business Cycles Block-6 Unemployment Unit-13 Traditional Theories Unit-14 Search Theory and Unemployment Unit-15 Nominal and Real Rigidities Unit-16 New Keynesian Theories of Unemployment Block-7 Open-Economy Macro-Modelling Unit-17 Flexible Exchange Rate System Unit-18 Fixed Exchange Rate System Unit-19 Sluggish Price Adjustment QUESTION PAPER 1. Solution Paper – June 2008 2. Solution Paper – Dec 2008 3. Solution Paper – June 2009 4. Solution Paper – Dec 2009 5. Solution Paper – June 2010 6. Solution Paper – Dec 2010 7. Solution Paper – June 2011 8. Solution Paper – Dec 2011 9. Solution Paper – June 2012 10. Solution Paper – Dec 2012 11. Solution Paper – June 2013 12. Solution Paper – Dec 2013 13. Solution Paper – June 2014 14. Solution Paper – Dec 2014 15. Solution Paper – June 2015 16. Question Paper – Dec 2015

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