ignou mec-105 help book

MEC-105 Indian Economic Policy (Ignou Help Book)

Title                : MEC-105 Indian Economic Policy

Publisher       : Straight Forward

Language       : English

Binding          : Paperback

Edition          : 2017


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MEC-105 Indian Economic Policy (Ignou Help Book)

MEC105 Indian Economic Policy CONTENTS COVERED Chapter 1 Indian Economic Development: An Overview I Growth and Structure of Indian Economy II Population and Human Resources: Policy Issues III Natural Resources and Environment IV Physical Infrastructure: Policy Issues Chapter 2 Development Strategies in India I State Planning and Markets: Policy Choices II Economic Reforms in India III Major Developments in Post Economic Reforms Period Chapter 3 Sectoral Developments I Issues and Concerns of Indian Agriculture II Industrial Development in India: An Overview III Service Sector Chapter 4 Major Issues Confronting Indian Economic Policy I Poverty, Inequality and Inclusive Growth: Some Policy Implications II Employment and Unemployment: Policy Implications III Regional Disparity in India Chapter 5 Monetary and Fiscal Policies in India I Credit and Monetary Policy in India II Capital Market and its Regulation III Public Finance and Fiscal Policy III Fiscal Federalism in India Chapter 6 External Sector and Trade Policy I Foreign Trade and Balance of Payment II Foreign Capital III Trade Policy Chapter 7 Sector Specific Policies I Agricultural Policy II Industrial Policy in India III Policies Relating to Service Sector Chapter 8 Implementation and Monitoring of Economic Policies I Livelihood Protection and Social Security Measures with Special Reference to MGNREGA II Political Economy of Indian Development III Ingredients of Good Governance QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2013

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