BEGC-102 Solved Assignment

BEGC-102 European Classical Literature Solved Assignment

Delivery of Assignment: Soft Copy  (Via Email within 1 to 2 working hours) Note: If you need hard copy of assignment you have to pay extra charges. For hard copy, please email separately at [email protected] or contact us via phone no. mentioned at end of this page.






Description: BEGC102 European Classical Literature

Validity & Submission of Ignou BEGC-102 Assignment:

  • For July, 2021 Session:  31st March, 2022
  • For January, 2021 Session:  30th September, 2021

The students should submit the solved assignments to Coordinator of their concerned Study Centre.

Note: These assignment answers are just for reference. We advise students to write answers themselves by taking reference from their original study material.


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