IGNOU BAG 1st Semester Combo

IGNOU BAG 1st Semester Combo Offer

IGNOU BEVAE 181, BEGC 131, BSOC 131 and BEGLA 135 Combo Offer

BEVAE-181 Environmental Studies

BEGC-131 Individual and Society

BSOC-131 Introduction to Sociology

BEGLA-135 English in Daily Life






Description: IGNOU BEVAE 181, BEGC 131, BSOC 131 and BEGLA 135 Combo Offer

IGNOU BAG 1st Year combo at discounted price. This combo, which aims to address the preparatory requirements of students doing their Bachelor of Arts General from Indira Gandhi National Open University, has been published as part of our IGNOU project. Titled ‘IGNOU Bachelor of Arts General 1st Year Combo’ these books covers all compulsory papers, i.e. BEVAE 181, BEGC 131, BSOC 131 and BEGLA 135 in IGNOU’s Bachelor of Arts General syllabus for (BAG) Bachelor of Arts General. It consists of previous years solved papers and lots of additional information in question-answer form that is relevant for the term-end examinations. The questions are followed by their answers given as per the stipulated word limits indicated in the question paper itself. Moreover, additional bits of information regarding various topics and issues discussed therein have also been given so as to enable the readers to develop more thorough and insightful understanding of the subject.

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