FST-01 Science and Technology (English Medium)

FST-01 Bachelor’s Degree Foundation Course.

Science and Technology


250.00 225.00



FST-1 Foundation Course In Science & Technology

Block- 1 History of Science
Unit-1 Science as a Human Endeavour
Unit-2 Science in the Ancient World
Unit-3 Iron Age
Unit-4 The Golden age of Science in India

Block- 2 Emergence of Modern Science
Unit-5 Science in the Medieval times
Unit-6 Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and After
Unit-7 Science in Colonial and Modern India
Unit-8 The Method of Science and the Nature of Scientific Knowledge

Block- 3 Universe and Life : The Beginning
Unit-9 Universe as a System
Unit-10 Exploring the Universe
Unit-11 Solar System
Unit-12 Origin and Evolution of Life
Unit-13 Evolution of Man

Block- 4 Environment and Resources
Unit-14 Ecosystem
Unit-15 Components of Environment
Unit-16 The Changing Environment
Unit-17 Natural Resources
Unit-18 Resource Utilisation, Planning and Management

Block- 5 Agriculture, Nutrition and Health
Unit-19 Food and Agriculture
Unit-20 Scientific Possibilities and Social Realities
Unit-21 Food and Nutrition
Unit-22 Health and Disease

Block- 6 Information, Knowledge, Insight
Unit-23 Mind and Body
Unit-24 Psychological Aspects of Behaviour
Unit-25 Information and Communication
Unit-26 Modes of Communication

Block- 7 Science, Technology And Development
Unit-27 Science and Technology in Industry
Unit-28 Technology and Economic Development
Unit-29 Modern Development in Science and Technology-I
Unit-30 Modern Development in Science and Technology-II

Block- 8 New Perspectives
Unit-31 Perceptions and  Aspirations
Unit-32 Science – The Road to Development

1. Solution Paper – June 2009
2. Solution Paper – Dec 2009
3. Solution Paper – June 2010
4. Solution Paper – Dec 2010
5. Solution Paper – June 2011
6. Solution Paper – Dec 2011
7. Solution Paper – June 2012
8. Solution Paper – Dec 2012
9. Solution Paper – June 2013
10. Question Paper – Dec 2013
11. Solution Paper – June 2014
12. Question Paper – Dec 2014
13. Question Paper – June 2015
14. Solution Paper – Dec 2015
15. Solution Paper – June 2016
16. Question Paper – Dec 2016
17. Solution Paper – June 2017


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