BEGE-108/ EEG-08 Reading The Novel

Title                  : BEGE-108 Reading the Novel

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Medium           : English

Publishers       : GullyBaba

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BEGE-108/ EEG-08 Reading The Novel

BEGE108/EEG-8 Reading the Novel CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 The Novel : An Introduction Unit1 Introduction to the Novel Unit2 Aspects of the Novel Block 2 A Tale of Two Cities Unit3 Introductory : A Tale of Two Cities Unit4 Reading the Text – Books I & II Unit5 Reading the Text – Book III Unit6 The French Revolution Unit7 Dickens’s Treatment of the French Revolution Unit8 The Two Worlds of A Tale of Two Cities Block 3 The Scarlet Letter Unit9 Hawthorne the Novelist : A Review of this Literary Career Unit10 The SocioCultural Background of The Scarlet Letter Unit11 Reading the Novel Unit12 Characterization Unit13 Themes and Their Expression Through Imagery Unit14 Structure, Narrative Techniques and Special Features Block 4 Nineteen EightyFour Unit15 Orwell : The Man, His Work and His Times Unit16 Reading the Novel Unit17 The Novel as Utopia, AntiUtopia, Dystopia Unit18 The Political and Existential Concerns of 1984 Unit19 Aspects of Nineteen EightyFour Block 5 Things Fall Apart Unit20 Africa : A brief historical survey Unit21 The African novel in English : An introduction Unit22 Literature and Society in Nigeria Unit23 Chinua Achebe : Life and Works Unit24 Things Fall Apart : Detailed Analysis Unit25 Specific Features of Things Fall Apart Block 6 Sunlight on a Broken Column Unit26 An Introduction to the Indian Novel in English Unit27 SocioCultural Context of Sunlight on a Broken Column Unit28 Reading the Novel Unit29 Theme and Characterization Unit30 Critical Assessment Unit31 Other Similar Novels Block 7 Paraja Unit32 Paraja An Introduction Unit33 The Cultural Context of Paraja Unit34 Paraja : A Novel in Translation Unit35 Theme and Plot Unit36 Characterization Block 8 The Novel : A Retrospective Unit37 The Novel : A Conclusion Unit38 Critical Perspectives Unit39 Futures of the Novel QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2006 2. Solution Paper Dec 2006 3. Solution Paper June 2007 4. Solution Paper Dec 2007 5. Solution Paper June 2008 and more……

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