How to download, prepare and send NIOS Deled Assignments?

How to download, prepare and send NIOS D.EL.ED Assignments?

How to download, prepare and send NIOS D.EL.ED Assignments?

With this article we will help the untrained teachers who are enrolled in NIOS D.EL.ED assignments. You need to submit them in between December 2017 to January 2018. There are 70 marks for theoretical and 30 marks for assignment and you also need to complete the session work along with it too. Throughout the D.EL.ED, you need to prepare 27 assignments and 3 assignments for the 1st semester.

Format of D.EL.ED Assignments

Assignments will showcase your knowledge about the course and what have you learned from it. You cannot copy or Xerox them and there will be no special study material provided for it. You need to prepare it with your thoughts.

  • There will be 30 marks for each subject in which 10 marks are for practical and 20 marks are for the theory part.
  • The D.EL.ED Assignment papers are already available in Hindi and English language on NIOS website.
  • There will be 6 questions in the assignment of 5 marks each. Each question can be answered in 500 words and you can also get the help by accessing Swayam Portal.

Important Links:

Process to prepare D.EL.ED Assignments

  • After downloading the question paper (link available below), you might need 10 -12, A4 size lining papers to prepare the assignments.
  • Before start writing, try to understand all the questions and also check the study material for any confusion.

Important guideline by NIOS regarding assignments

Nios assignment submission guidelines

How to start writing assignments?

  • Please note that you need to write 500 words (not characters) answer for each question, which make 2500 words for each assignment.
  • As per guidelines, you can write up to 70 lines for each question on an A4 lining size paper.
  • You can use 2- 3 pages for each question and the assignment should be of minimum 10 pages and maximum 15 pages.
  • You can either use a “Black or Blue” ball pen for assignment writing. You can also type it and may print as well.
  • For print, keep the left margin set to 3.2” and keep space of 4 – lines between each question.
  • NIOS has strictly mentioned that each assignment should be unique and must not be copied from others. If they found it copied, then they may reject it or provide a low grade mark for it.

D.EL.ED Assignment’s Question Download

On NIOS website, you can get assignment questions (available in Hindi and English language) along with study material.

Note: The assignment should be prepared in your regional language (Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi etc.) but you can wait until there’s a clear notification regarding NIOS. You can also take help from HindiHelpGuru for the regional language translation.

D.EL.ED Assignments in Hindi and English

D.EL.ED Assignments in Gujarati

Assignments for all the courses can be downloaded from the link mentioned below:

(Note: Some answers are not available and you can check them in your course block i.e. 501, 502, 503)

What to do after preparing the assignments?

After the completion of assignments, you need to staple them together and also mention there page number. You can highlight (NO RED COLOR) all the important points and for precaution, prepare a Xerox copy of these assignments.
– You also need to prepare two front pages:

  • Details on every 1st page of the assignment: Click here

When and Where you need to submit these assignments?

It is not clear through NIOS that, whether you need to post them or submit them in person at NIOS DELED study center. Study center details will be sent to your registered mobile and email and also available at NIOS website.

Please post comments if you any doubt regarding D.EL.ED assignments and also share this post with your friends.

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