NIOS D.El.Ed PCP Schedule

NIOS D.El.Ed PCP Schedule – All details about study Centre Workshops

This article includes the details related to the NIOS D.El.Ed PCP schedule. Once you go through this write-up, you can easily understand, what is D.El.Ed PCP program?, contact details for this program and a complete bunch of information. This will also include the answers related to different questions like, what will you study under D.El.Ed PCP at study center along with schedule for D.El.Ed PCP.

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If you have taken admission in NIOS-D.El.Ed course, then chances are that now you are preparing it online with the help of swayam website. NIOS has clearly informed this in the beginning that you have to study online for this course and the study material will be provided online too. If you have queries related to the course in your mind, you might be in dilemma where to get answers for your queries. To answer your questions, NIOS has introduced D.El.Ed Schedule Program for the D.El.Ed course.

What is NIOS D.EL.ED PCP ?

To provide offline information and solve study related problems experienced by teachers in NIOS D.El.Ed course, there is PCP course introduced (Personal Contact Program) in 1st & 2nd semester.  Under this program, teachers will get all the information related to D.EL.ED along with other courses. Under this you will also get to know that, how you can prepare your assignments. This also includes information related to First Year assignment submission procedure.


The NIOS D.EL.ED PCP schedule will help you to tackle with questions like, what to do under PCP? How to that? What work will be provided under this program? All these queries will be answered under this program.

We have also shared the PDF file, from where you can nios deled pcp schedule. This schedule is prepared for the 1st year session, but there are possibilities for some changes in it.

Apart from that, the same is also shared on NIOS website at following URL:

“The PCP of first year for 15 days can be scheduled by the respective Study Centre between 18.12.2017 to 31.01.2018. For details click on the Study Centre Corner”

Below are some important details shared for NIOS D.EL.ED PCP schedule. However, there are possibilities for some changes in it as the complete work is given to state NIOS.

  • The PCP will be held in between 18-12-2017 to 31-01-2018 at your study center.
  • It is a 15 days program and compulsory for all.
  • Under D.EL.ED DCP Schedule, you will be informed about D.EL.ED assignments.
  • You have to submit your course assignments under PCP.
  • All courses (501 to 505) details will be shared with you, via RPs from here.
  • Here you can ask all your course related questions.
  • There will be a 2.5 hour session for each day.
  • Under PCP, you must have to maintain 75% attendance.
  • Your study center will be under your state’s district.
  • A maximum of 100 teachers will be allocated per center.

How to attend D.EL.ED PCP at study center?

You can read the following paragraph, if you are confused whether you need to register for PCP or not.

All the details related to PCP registration, date of PCP in your state, when you have to go at your Study Center, Timetable of D.EL.ED PCP Schedule, will be shared either via Email, SMS or via call letter. Apart from that, you can get this information by visiting NIOS website and HindiHelpGuru website. The same can also be obtained by contacting your state’s NIOS Center.

To attend D.EL.ED PCP, what things you need to take along at study center?

You will get a detailed email/ SMS from NIOS State center. However, we can share the 1st year PCP Activities Material in advance.

  • You will need to bring printed books for all courses.
  • If you have completed the assignments, then bring them with you.
  • Assignments materials need to be taken along with you.
  • You should have blank papers.
  • If you got the assignment papers, then you can take this too.
  • You can also bring a list of your own doubts and questions (if any).

Additional Details

We have tried to provide you all the important PCP information as shared by NIOS PCP, yet your State NIOS can make changes in this. You can visit NIOS DELED official website at for the latest updates. We will also share it with top most priority.

Still if you have any other PCP related concern, then you can ask us.

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